A solution for your every IT problems.

About Jupiter ITS

A real solution for you to solve your problems especially in IT in this modern era.

We are ready to help you fast, precisely, and of course easily.

What we offer


Set Up, Build Up, Maintain your network (Home, Office, or Internet House)

Computer Services

Fix your broken laptops, computers, or printers.

Website Builder

Set Up, Design, and Make a website as you need.

Logo Design

Need a logo for your company or your products? Just contact us, We are ready to help.


We also receive a making for hoodie, t-shirt, sweater. Free design.

Office and Website Course

Want to be an expert in Office (Word, Excel, or Powerpoint) or be a Website maker? Just let us know.


Contact Jupiter ITS

Feel free to email us if you have any questions about our products.

[email protected]